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Nicole (Nikki) Yantzer RN, BSN graduated from North Dakota State University. She is an aesthetic nurse specialist and owner of Wildflower Aesthetics with Michele Leidholm, FNP as Medical Director. At Wildflower Aesthetics, every client is unique. Client skin care analysis is vital in order to recommend appropriate aesthetic procedures and at-home skin care products. Our goal is to assess all the diverse characteristics of each individual to create a plan that will make you feel like you are glowing from the inside out.


Your skin care regiment should reflect and compliment the differences that make you uniquely you. Wildflower Aesthetics provides education on products and services to help you customize your own skin care routine while also helping you diminish and prevent signs of aging. The characteristics that already make you beautiful will be enhanced.


In a field of wildflowers, each and every diverse bloom adds to the overall aesthetic and together forms a beautiful palette. From daily skin care to Botox injections, there are many ways to enhance your own natural beauty. Wildflower Aesthetics offers one-on-one services in a boutique style setting.


Remember, in a field of roses, always be a wildflower.

Perham, Minnesota
Fargo, North Dakota

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